QUALITY BY THE TECHNOLOGICAL LEADER. Despite being hardly visible, they are at home throughout the world: our famous SCHOMÄCKER-springs! THE ORIGINAL, which we have total confidence in and so do our customers and the global market.
NO TWO STEELS ARE ALIKE. SCHOMÄCKER only uses TOP-QUALITY European steel – for both our original equipment and the spare parts market.
SERVICE MEANS: GIVING THE CUSTOMER HIGH QUALITY SERVICE. Proximity to the Working closely with you–you can rely on us to do what we say we will. We make it our business to get to know our partners’ worlds well, and offer only the best solutions. With a PASSION for the job and respect for each other as business partners.
50% LONGER SERVICE LIFE. The name stands for quality: The RESILIENCE of SCHOMÄCKER-springs stands out in comparison with our competitors’ products.
OUR SPRINGS ARE MADE WITH TRUE DEDICATION. To some, they are simply springs for commercial vehicles. To us, they are the RESULT of hard, dedicated work, based on many years of extensive experience.
made in germany

WELCOME TO SCHOMÄCKER Quality by the outstanding technological leader – made in Germany, made for the world.

Why SCHOMÄCKER is a strong development partner for you. Why our quality springs are renowned the world over. Visit our website to see the added value we offer to you our customers.

Learn about our products. Be convinced about their quality. And do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

The latest news and reports

In November 2022 Schomäcker received the CrefoZert creditworthiness certificate from Creditreform Osnabrück. This places Schomäcker amongst the 2 percent of all German companies…


This year SCHOMÄCKER again displayed its products and services at the IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022 (IAA Commercial Vehicles) in Hanover following a long time of absence. And they were…


Visitors were inspired, the overall mood was optimistic and SCHOMÄCKER’S stand was a great success.

According to our motto GAQ 4.0 - GO AHEAD QUALITY 4.0, SCHOMÄCKER displayed how…