Technical components

made in germany

TECHNICAL COMPONENTS. Highly hardened and tempered materials for a variety of applications.

Vehicle springs are not the only use for highly hardened and tempered materials, they can also be manufactured into other products.

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  • durable
  • light
  • stable

Stabiliser Levers

Stabilisers counteract the rolling motion of vehicles experienced when driving round corners or where there is one-sided compression. They ensure stability, positively affect vehicle dynamics, and play a key role in your safety.

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other products

Thanks to the special properties of the materials, high-tensile wearable parts and spring elements are produced for different areas of application.
Such parts and elements include torsion bar spring plates, tie rods, and grate bars – could your product be included in the future?


  • Maximum quality
  • Many years of experience
  • Competent staff


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