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Orginal equipment qualitiy for the Spare Parts Market Only Schomäcker offers that!

Quality by the technological leader – that’s our promise. Maximum capacity, best performance, and sustainable processes: ensuring that we remain the unrivalled and unparalleled role model of many ‘no-name’ manufacturers. SCHOMÄCKER-springs are synonymous with top quality throughout the world. ‘Purchased at SCHOMÄCKER’ stands for added value for our customers from the independent aftermarket (IAM). You can count on it.

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We offer:

  • The most comprehensive range of springs and accessories
  • 95% of items permamently in stock
  • An exellent online shop
  • Perfect logistics
  • Fast delivery


As a spare parts dealer, you benefit directly from the greater resilience and longer service life of SCHOMÄCKER-quality springs: satisfied customers, no complaints and an excellent image.

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Commercial vehicle workshops

SCHOMÄCKER springs can be assembled quickly, they fit accurately and match perfectly: much to the delight of the mechanic. And the repair vehicle is ready for use again in no time.

We offer:

  • OEM-certified steel suppliers
  • Fully automated production, consistent quality
  • 100% accuracy of fit
  • Extensive quality control
  • Quick assembly
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We offer:

  • OEM quality
  • High-grade quality steel
  • Extremely high load capacity
  • 50% longer service life
  • Largest product portfolio


Cheap products can be life-threatening particularly where high speeds and large load volumes are involved. Axle control can be lost if the spring fractures. Long downtimes, towing charges, and costly repair and maintenance services are now a thing of the past: SCHOMÄCKER-springs offer safety margins and a long service life.

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Unique product diversity

Over 87,100 items: SCHOMÄCKER offers the most extensive range of springs and accessories for European commercial vehicles. 95 per cent of all items are permanently in stock. Our customers have the speediest access to updates by manufacturers.

Manufacturer Number of Items Coverage
Items, total 87,486  
Mercedes 11,894 93%
MAN 5,847 93%
SCANIA 1,592 95%
Volvo 2,306 90%
Trailers 20,130 90%
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Identification made easy.

Why not use our practical forms to identify the springs you need quickly. Via our online portal, you also have access to a high-performance identification software program for springs and spring leaves, including warehouse planning and storage.


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