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IN WHICH AREAS DO WE TRAIN PEOPLE? A brief introduction to the individual apprenticeship trades

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We are an industrial enterprise and our Industrial clerks focus on areas such as materials management, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting.

They follow the whole product process: from the purchase of raw materials, to production planning through to the dispatch of finished products and to the payment of sales invoices.

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Electronics technicians with SCHOMÄCKER install, maintain and repair electrical components in operational, production and processing plants. They are responsible for working with switching and control stations, energy supply systems and communication technologies such as telephone and network technologies. It goes without saying that their area of responsibility also includes general installation and lighting technology. 

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We rely on our industrial mechanics to install, maintain and repair the mechanical components of operational, production and processing plants. Their responsibilities include the maintenance and repair of gearboxes and hydraulic components and the production and welding of machine parts.

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Tool Mechanic

Our tool mechanics work with precision to make stamping and forming tools as well as press and impression moulds, based on technical drawings and maintained using lathes and milling machines.

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Machine and plant operators are responsible for producing our quality springs on modern, partly interlinked machines and production plants. Alongside processing the parts, you will be responsible for continuous quality control and regular cleaning and maintenance tasks on the machines operated by you.

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Our technical product designers develop technical products based on design and technical specifications or according to customer requirements.

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Dual study leading to a Bachelor of Engineering degree Degree programme: Engineering of Technical Systems

The degree programme is designed to ensure, students are systematically qualified for developing and operating technical systems. In particular, they learn to combine different technical disciplines preparing them for further technical areas during the development process.

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