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Welcome to our media library. Here you will find easy-to-follow, interesting and informative videos to give you an insight into our products, manufacturing processes and benefits.

Pick your favourites and get to know our SCHOMÄCKER springs again: from scratch, inside out and from benefit to benefit. On this channel you will find out what you have always wanted to know or should know about our products.

Enjoy our latest choice of moving images!

The raw material steel as a guarantor of quality
The development and design of SCHOMÄCKER springs
The heat treatment – The key production process
Quality factor Shaping
The Coating a protection and safety factor
Quality control
Shot peening: surface treatment for a longer service life
The production process from A to Z


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In den Videos erfahren Sie nicht nur einiges Neues über unseren Standort, das Herstellungsverfahren und die Qualitätssicherung. Sie sehen ebenso, welche Nutzen die SCHOMÄCKER Qualitätsfeder bringt und von welchen Vorteilen unsere Kunden profitieren.