Energy Efficiency 2018

made in germany

Energy Efficiency 2018 Audit successfully completed.

It is one of SCHOMÄCKER’s key concerns to optimise business processes continuously and sustainably. This also concerns SCHOMÄCKER’s internal energy management. It is in this context that the renowned institute GUTcert regularly carries out comprehensive audits at our site. On the occasion of an in-depth inspection at our  production site in Melle it has been confirmed once more that SCHOMÄCKER operates an “alternative energy improvement system in accordance with § 3 SpaEfV (German Decree on the Offsetting of Peaks) ” in accordance with the requirements of SpaEfV § 4 section 3 No. 2. Within the framework of this audit, all energy data was collected, analysed and assessed as "fully compliant with the requirements" by the independent auditors

Efficient energy management is the order of the day worldwide. Next year SCHOMÄCKER will again continue with the regular analysis of the energy data and develop new processes to optimise the company’s efficiency even further.