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Enthusiastic visitors at SCHOMÄCKER

We had the honour of welcoming the District Administrator, Anna Kebschull, the Mayor of Melle, Jutta Dettmann, and the WIGOS Managing Director, Peter Vahrenkamp, to our company. We were able to present the progress and innovations of our company and generate a great deal of enthusiasm.

Anna Kebschull was delighted: "It's something very special that a company has been family-owned for so long and has been in the same location for over 143 years. It's great that you were able to manage the succession so well internally and organize it with heart and mind. It takes people who have great ideas and work active on it."

As a family-owned company, we have managed to successfully pass on the leadership internally. Our commitment is also reflected in our expansion into new markets and the continuous development of our product portfolio. With a production capacity of 18,000 tonnes per year and export to over 50 countries, we set a strong example for quality and sustainability in the commercial vehicle industry.

In our production, we manufacture leaf springs and trailing arms with a reduced CO2 footprint, which are efficient and durable. Innovation and sustainability are the core elements that drive us.

Thanks to the support of WIGOS and our advanced innovations in process development, we are well prepared to meet the challenges of the market.