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Excellent Customer Survey Result for SCHOMÄCKER

Our customer survey carried out this year, showed that over 97% of the 218 partners who took part have rated us as very good or excellent. We would like to thank you very much for this fantastic result and for the trust in SCHOMÄCKER. But this does not mean, we will rest on our laurels. On the contrary, this result spurs us to improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our products even further in the future, so as to remain your partner of choice.

As mentioned before, SCHOMÄCKER donate €10 per reply to a green project. The total sum of €2180 you have amassed through your calls has been rounded off to €2200 by the management. This money will be used to sponsor the planting of 440 trees. For more information simply click on this link: Bäume pflanzen für Niedersachsen | Antenne Niedersachsen. This is only one of SCHOMÄCKER’s contributions toward a better environment.

SCHOMÄCKER would like to thank you for taking part in our customer satisfaction survey and for thus contributing toward a better environment!