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Good news all round!

We are pleased to announce key changes in our company that will provide opportunities and open up perspectives: SCHOMÄCKER completes a generational change wants to present its new management team. 
Alongside Horst Schnatmeier, who is from the owner family, the Melle company now has four further owners: Dr. Joachim Sommer, and Luiz Sommer, Hubert Temmen and Klaus Borchelt. They all have been part of the SCHOMÄCKER team for years and some of them should also be well-known to you: Joachim Sommer as a member of the Advisory Board, Hubert Temmen as an authorised signatory and Head of Technology, Klaus Borchelt as an authorised signatory and Sales Director. The five shareholders are totally committed to the company. Their focus is on maintaining the company’s existing corporate culture whilst concentrating even more on cutting-edge technology and customer satisfaction.
SCHOMÄCKER’s current managing director, Dr. Torsten Bispink, will retire in the near future as planned. The new management team, consisting of Dr. Joachim Sommer, Hubert Temmen and Klaus Borchelt, represents an impressive wealth of expertise in the industry. Their joint vision: to further develop SCHOMÄCKER at the Melle site sustainably so it can be passed on to the next  generation one day. The new managing directors are grateful for the trust placed in them. They are determined to prepare SCHOMÄCKER responsibly for the challenges ahead. Together with our employees, our customers and our suppliers, we will they will successfully shape the future of SCHOMÄCKER.