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Everything about Springs. Here today, there tomorrow.

We offer our customers an exclusive selection of accessories such as U-bolts, bushes, interleaf spacers – all in all, the largest range of springs and accessories for European commercial vehicles.

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YES, EVEN U-Bolts.

Did you know that our range of products also includes U-bolts? Our safety-relevant accessories for fixing the spring to the axle are made of premium steel in state-of-the-art production processes. The standard of the material and the workmanship are deciding factors when it comes to quality and durability. You can rely on our experience and technical expertise. 

Simply use our online shop to quickly and easily identify the U-bolts you need, place your order and have them delivered.

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During operation, bushes needs to be robust, acting as a safety margin for load and angle of rotation in critical driving situations. We offer various shaped bushes made of durable rubber compounds to make installation quick and maintenance-free. We look forward to advising you and telling you about our comprehensive quality tests and comparative analyses.

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Use our practical forms to quickly identify the springs and accessories you need. Our online portal also offers access to a high-performance identification software program, including warehouse planning and storage. 98% of our customers consider this service to be “excellent”.



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