made in germany

Our product portfolio is getting even bigger

For decades, we at SCHOMÄCKER have been proud to be the leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles boasting one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the industry. Our commitment to continuous innovation and the highest quality standards has put us at the forefront of this industry. But we are not resting on our laurels - on the contrary!

Many years of experience in processing hot-formed, highly-tempered steel have made us experts to get out the best from the raw material. We have now extended this expertise to the field of soil cultivation. Thanks to clever design using high-end materials, we can now also meet bespoke requirements for these applications and all this - Made in Germany.

We have the highest demands in production and therefore provide durable products for optimum soil cultivation. Our newly developed production line enables us to manufacture a variety of different packer springs, tines and technical springs. For the production of packer springs, we have already established a forward-looking collaboration with one of the leading players in the market.

Our products and processes always give our customers a clear added value. We rely on advanced technologies and processes to ensure the highest quality and efficiency, even in our developments for soil cultivation. These include:

  • Fully-automatic hot-forming and tempering 
  • Heating through induction 
  • Hot shearing 
  • Components from a thickness of 6mm 
  • Green manufacturing process 
  • Consistent high-end quality and longer 
  • service life due to short heating times 
  • Cost reduction due to automated processes 
  • Weight reduction due to highly tempered parts

Our expertise in automation enables us to craft products with consistent product quality and high precision at competitive prices in our own factory in Germany because on our fully-automated plant, we can manufacture efficiently, resource-friendly and with a reduced ecological footprint.