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New apprentices are welcomed to the SCHOMÄCKER team

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Welcome! New apprentices are welcomed to the SCHOMÄCKER team.


SCHOMÄCKER is very proud to announce that four great young people have agreed to start their apprenticeship at the company. Ms Adna Severi and Mr Gian Luca Biermann will start their training as business management assistants. Jannik Barz would like to become an industrial engineer and Melik Sünnetci will start his training as an electrical engineer for operating technology.

SCHOMÄCKER sees itself as an enterprise that places strong emphasis on providing young school leavers who are doing an apprenticeship with a comprehensive induction phase and broad general knowledge.

We appreciate young people opting for an apprenticeship. We are looking forward to welcoming them to our team and they can be assured of our unqualified support on their way  to a successful professional life.

Jannik Barz (apprenticeship: industrial engineer)
Melik Sünnetci (apprenticeship: electrical engineer for operating technology)
Adna Severi (apprenticeship: business management assistant)
Gian Luca Biermann (apprenticeship: business management assistant)